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Treeline Coffee | Happy Camper

Treeline Coffee | Happy Camper

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TASTING NOTES OF: Graham Cracker, Chocolate, and Marshmallow. 

ORIGIN: Guatemala

We’ve got one word for you: s’mores. Picture it: the campfire is roaring, the marshmallow is toasting and the chocolate and graham crackers are sitting on the sidelines waiting for their moment. This coffee embodies all that and more. With the main tasting note of chocolate, the body is light and fluffy like a ‘mallow and has a graham finish. We love this coffee because it’s delicious, but we also love this coffee because it reminds us of summer nights somewhere in the woods under the stars...making s’mores.

This coffee has a sweet inviting flavor that all will enjoy, whether you like your coffee black or with cream!

ELLA is a collective of five women-owned and operated farms in the San Marco region of Guatemala. Doña Sophia, the anchor of the group, operates Finca Armenia. She consistently impresses with her high-quality and vibrant coffees.  The farm was founded more than 200 years ago and has been passed down for generations, even featuring a historic dairy farm that provides organic fertilizer for the coffee plants.

Doña Sofia said of her farm, "we're very proud of our product and are adapting to new techniques while being respectful of nature, with protected areas of fauna and flora with a strong program of forests in our mountainous areas". This dedication to her farm and land shines through in her magnificent coffees. 

Minimum unit order for corporate pricing is 15.

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