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High Camp Flasks

High Camp Flasks | Parkside Flask 750

High Camp Flasks | Parkside Flask 750

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The Parkside Flask™ 750 instantly transforms any bottle of wine into the perfect picnic for two. No more sipping warm wine out of plastic cups or popping a cork with a shoe - the Parkside provides a stylish way to simply toss your favorite bottle into the flask and go.

The vacuum insulated flask will hold the temperature of a full bottle (750ml) of wine for up to 24 hours. The integrated tumblers are inspired by classic stemless wine glasses. Made with premium stainless steel, electropolished on the interiors of both the flask and tumblers, you can expect even the finest vintages to retain their flavor and complexity throughout your sipping experience. You won’t be able to tell the difference between the Parkside Flask™ 750 and your favorite stemware. Discover an at-home drinking experience that you can take anywhere. No broken glass, no extra cups, no need for a cooler.

Customization available! Please allow one week plus shipping time for custom pieces.

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