Collection: High Camp Flasks

35% off MSRP- 12 unit minimum

Bootleggers designed hip flasks to conceal spirits from the authorities during prohibition. High Camp Flasks enjoy this coat-pocket stash like everyone else, but they felt they were inadequate vessels for moments around the campfire. Hip flasks were too small and bottle swigging felt disrespectful to the distillers who spent 12 years aging their proprietary malts. As appetites for craft spirits grew, High Camp decided: Just because we’re outdoors, doesn’t mean we have to drink like animals.

Customization available on all High Camp products. Contact us for information and orders. 

  • 12-23 unit engraving $10.50
  • 24-47 unit engraving $8.00
  • 48-96 unit engraving $6.00
  • 96+ unit engraving $5.00

Most styles available. Contact us for requests not listed on this site. 

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